Professional Snagging Inspections

We guarantee your new home undergoes a rigorous snagging inspection, by the implementation of specialists surveying equipment together with highly experienced construction consultants who will inevitably highlight both small and significant defects in your new-build home.

Snagging Inspection

New-Build Survey has been delivering  professional snagging inspections and providing practical advice for residential and commercial clients for over 10 years, operating across the entire United Kingdom.

All of our surveyors and professional snagging inspectors have decades of experience and have worked for some of the largest construction companies in the United Kingdom, they also hold professional accreditations including RICS, CIOB and NEBOSH.

new build thermal imaging image

Thermal Surveys

Heat Loss

Thermal imaging uses heat-sensitive cameras to detect differences in temperature. This is used to investigate areas of heat loss within buildings.

Missing Insulation

Thermal imaging will highlight areas of missing, damaged or inadequate insulation. This is often caused by design oversight, damage during construction or water ingress.

Thermal Bridging

Thermal bridges – also known as a cold bridge or thermal bypass – are areas of significant structural heat transfer between the inside and outside of a building 

Thermal Comfort

Infrared cameras can be used to locate the causes of thermal discomfort. This is by finding air leakage through cracks and unintentional openings in buildings.

Water Ingress

We inspect walls, floors and roofs for leaks, water ingress and moisture. Using thermal imaging also enables us to assess the probability of damp and mould in buildings.

Dispute Resolution

Our comprehensive surveys deliver definitive evidence for dispute resolution. We are also the preferred supplier for many housing associations and homeowners.

new build home chimney being removed

Snagging Inspections

Our new-build professional snagging surveys package is the most comprehensive snagging survey available, which includes but not limited to 

PictureHeating Checks, using a thermal imaging camera

PictureLoft inspections, insulation and ventilation checks

PictureSoil Quality test

PictureElectrical test on sockets

PicturePlumbing inspection

Picture Boiler and central heating

Picture Central heating checks

Picture Floor leveling. ceiling leveling and internal wall leveling

Picture Joinery and kitchen inspections

Picture Brickwork Inspection and ventilation checks

Picture Drains test and fire safety measures

Picture Cavity wall inspection using Borescope camera

Picture Garage and groundworks inspections

Picture Aerial inspection of the main roof

Picture Plaster and paintworks to finish inspection

Picture Thermal heat loss Survey

Picture Re-inspection Survey

Picture 24 month Snagging Retainer

Picture Customer Care 

Make sure your new home is finished to standard.

The average cost of work carried out as a result of our new-build snagging inspection is £5,800.00

Unrivalled New-Build Customer Support

On completion of your new -build home snagging inspection, your snagging consultant will ensure that you have a thorough understanding of the defects and technical issues highlighted in your new home.

Your snagging defect survey will be written in plain English, for you to easily understand and underpinned with photographs of all the snagging defects discovered and recorded.

Our customer care team will make contact with you and provide support and direction on how to approach your builder with regards to addressing the issues discovered in your new property, we can also lease with your builder if you so wish.

Over the years, we have established a fruitful and respectable working relationship with the vast majority of large housing developers, and as our reports surveys are incredibly accurate and itemized per-trade, builders normally photocopy the survey and commence addressing the issues highlighted in the snagging survey

Once your defect survey has been fully exhausted your snagging consultant will re-inspect the works carried out by your developer to ensure its all of good quality and fully meets current building regulations and standards and tolerances to finish at no additional costs. your customer care advisor will advise you on possible compensation claims against your developer and how to proceed.

snagging inspection image electrical wire exposed