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Professional New-Build Snagging Company

New-Build Surveys is a leading multi-disciplinary independent professional new-build snagging company.  We employ over thirty new-build professional snagging inspectors, operating across the length and breadth of the United Kingdom.

We have delivered unrivalled professional new-build snagging surveys of both new-build homes and commercial buildings for over 10 years,  supporting homeowners with their recent new-build purchase, ensuring that the property is finished to standard just as it should be.

Our exceptional team of surveyors, building inspectors together with our dedicated customer care team, whose combined experience, tremendous depth of knowledge and personal service guarantees that your that your new-build home undergoes a rigorous inspection, ensuring your new home is fully compliant with all current building regulations legislation and standards tolerances to finish  and completed to a satisfactory standard.

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MAKE sure your new build HOME is finished to standard

The average cost of remedial works carried out by your developer as a result of our professional new-build snagging inspection is £6,400.00.

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Importance of a Snagging Survey

After investing a significant amount of money on your new property, the last thing you’ll want to do is commit to spending even more money on addressing defective repair works, which could indeed prove to be incredibly expensive and time- consuming, once your developer’s warranty period has expired.

A common misconception in the new home industry is that you don’t need to have a professional snagging survey done if your planning to purchase a new-build home as your warranty provider will have completed all the relevant checks and has conducted a snagging inspection of your new property, this simply is not the case.

The facts are that most new home warranty providers carry out what is known as Key Stage Inspections at various stages of the build, these consist of, Foundations, Superstructure, First-Fix, Pre-Plaster, Pre-handover and Drains Test.

All key stage inspections carried out by your warranty provider are visual inspections and it is not uncommon for these essential inspections to be missed during the construction phase for multiple reasons.