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New-Build Survey offer a wide range of surveying consultancy services helping our clients across commercial, private and public sectors with insurance reinstatement, building services.

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Commercial Surveys

New-build Surveys employs a highly skilled and experienced team of commercial surveyors operating throughout the United Kingdom.

We deliver professional reports, outlining any issues with the building that could affect its value as well as detailing necessary renovation work needed to make a property fit for purpose and providing a personalised quote for any repair or development work.

We are hands on throughout the entire process to give you the support and direction in making the right, informed decision.

Building Surveys

Previously known as a Full Structural Survey, the Building Survey is a very detailed report. We will examine closely the structure and condition of the building and undertake a surface examination of the services.

Some restrictions may still exist which prevent complete inspection (such as fitted floor coverings, and limited roof access), but within these limitations, the survey will be as thorough as practically possible.

We often undertake Building Surveys on behalf of existing leaseholders and Freehold companies who require advice on the condition of their building and assistance in prioritising works and planning maintenance.

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Defect Diagnosis Surveys

Defect diagnosis surveys generally deal with fault finding within a building. These are particularly useful for Asset Managers, where various problems have been reported by tenants of a building.

Our surveyors will inspect the property and will carry out a full diagnosis of the problem, with various remedies recommended to resolve the issue

Pre-acquisition Surveys

A pre-acquisition survey, as the name implies, is used primarily when purchasing a property. This can either be for a commercial investor purchasing a freehold interest in a building.

Pre-acquisition surveys can also be useful for a prospective occupier, prior to agreeing the terms of a commercial lease, as the survey will identify major defects which could increase service charge contributions.

These surveys are usually very detailed in the examination of the property, outlining causes of defects, and a typical budget cost of the works required to repair the defect.

The survey will also comment on the repairing liabilities of any existing leases in place, if purchasing a freehold investment, or comment on the proposed repairing liabilities of a new full repairing and insuring lease.

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Schedule of Condition Surveys

A Schedule of condition will report on the condition of the property in a schedule format. These are used for describing the exact condition of a property without determining the cause of the defect.

They accurately reflect the condition of the property on the day of inspection. These can be incorporated into a lease, prior to taking on a new lease, so that the tenant or landlord has a record of the condition of the property on the day the lease term commences.