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Rigorous snagging Inspection

We deliver the most comprehensive new-build snagging inspection for your new home.

Dedicated customer care team

A dedicated customer care team who will support you throughout the entire process.

Compensation Claims

We have assisted our clients to secure respectable amounts of compensation

About New-Build Surveys

New-Build Surveys is the largest and most respected professional new-build snagging company operating throughout the United Kingdom in which excellence is achieved across a range of practice areas.

We employ more than thirty chartered surveyors and new-build construction consultants. We have offices located in London, Birmingham, Cardiff and Lancashire.  

We also have particular expertise in specialists areas including new-build snagging, new home dispute and resolution, project management, commercial surveys, building, defect diagnosis, pre-acquisition, and schedule of condition building surveys.

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New-Build Survey
New Home Experts

New-Build Surveys is the largest new home professional snagging company, protecting hundreds of new-build homeowners every year.

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New-Build Rigorous Snagging Survey

The purchase of a new home is undoubtedly the single largest expenditure and most stressful process people will ever undertake. Since inception, new-build surveys have carried out hundreds of new home professional snagging inspection on behalf of our clients. 

We’ve highlighting significant defects in their new homes with developers, saving our clients thousands of pounds in defective rectification works and ensuring their new property investment is finished to standard just as it should be.

Many property experts will advise you that having a professional new-build snagging survey carried out on your new home is more important now than ever before.

New home construction is at record levels – and developers are under significant pressure to complete every house quickly – but there’s a shortage of many skilled trades. So there’s more potential for things to go wrong. You can establish how your developer is rated by visiting the Home Builders Federation website.

The level of serious defects and standards in new-build homes is truly shocking. For example, This article points out that Shelter has found that 51% of new build homes have major faults. And this report suggests that there is a crisis in the quality of new-build homes.

New-Build Community

Standards of new-build homes on the decline

bbc news poor standards with new build homes

New-build homes crumble due to weak mortar

Hundreds of new-build properties have been built using weak mortar that does not meet recommended industry standards, the Victorian Derbyshire show has found. One of those homes was owned by Vincent Fascione, 70. He says he 


ITV new-build snagging issues with new homes

New homeowners forced out of their new build properties

 Justin and Tracy Revell say they found over 300 faults when they moved into their dream home in Costessey on the outskirts of Norwich in October 2016.


new build homes construction issues

Families told to evacuate new-build flats as building could collapse

If there’s someone who can explain anything, Gaby is the one. She teaches you not just how to do something, but why to do it this way and not the other.


daily mail shocking standards of new homes-new-build-surveys

Surrey homeowners furious with new-build home

My new £700,000 house stinks! Homeowner fed up with the smell of sewage in the garden of his Surry home thanks to the 11 drain holes takes drastic action to shame the developer.


guradian newspaper new-build-surveys in the news

As demand increases, the reputation of new-build homes is crumbling

A hole where a window should be, no cavity wall insulation and uneven stairs are just a few of the developers have left behind, with new homeowners struggling for.


Independent news paper logo with new-build-surveys

New home buyers beware of new-build home headaches

A brand new home is top of many peoples wish list, and now that hard-pressed developers are pushing to sell their new homes there are plenty of attractive deals to help first-time buyers.


Rigorous New-Build Snagging Survey

New-Build Inspection

  • Heating checks, using a thermal imaging camera
  • Ducting connections
  • Garage
  • Room measurements
  • De-Snag at no additional costs
  • Garage and groundworks inspection
  • Plaster and paintworks to finish
  • Loft inspection, insulaition and ventilation
  • Soil quality test
  • Electrical test on all sockets
  • Plumbing inspection and tests
  • Final snagging inspection towards the end of your developers warranty

Customer Support

  • Floor leveling
  • Damp Survey
  • Gardens & Driveway
  • Customer Care
  • Loft/roof construction
  • Aerial inspection of the main roof
  • Drains test
  • Ceiling and internal wall leveling
  • Joinery inspection
  • Brickwork and ventilaition inspection
  • Thermal heat loss survey
  • 24 month snagging retainer
  • Advise and support on possible compensaition claims

Protecting Your New Home Investment

First New-Build Inspection

Once your new home survey booking has been confirmed, we will attend your new home and conduct a full snagging inspection. Inspections take approximately 2-4 hours to complete depending on the size of the property and condition.

De-Snag Survey

Once your developer has completed your new-build snagging survey, we will attend and carry out a de-snag and ensure all the remedial works are finished to standard and address any concerns you may have.

Borescope Inspection

We carry out Borescope inspections to check on a multitude of areas in your new home including cavity wall insulation. The Borescope inspection will be conducted together with the heat loss survey 

Thermal Heat Loss Survey

During the winter months, we will re-attend your new home to carry out a Thermal Heat Loss Survey. Heat loss surveys will locate and visualise areas of external heat loss through the building fabric. Additionally, heat loss surveys can highlight damp, hidden moisture and identify poorly fitted insulation.

Final Snagging Inspection

Before your developer’s warranty concludes, we will visit your new home and carry out a final snagging survey, we will forward our findings to your developer’s customer care department. 

Final De-Snag Survey

Once the defects have been fully completed in your new home by your developer, we will make a final visit and conduct a de-snag survey.

New Build Survey Prices

We offer three types of new-build survey packages to accommodate your precise requirements.  All our new- build snagging survey packages include a comprehensive snagging inspection and customer support. 

If you require additional information, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Reserve your new-build snagging survey today, book online or by calling us on 0333 800 1878

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